Searching the Maine coast for the right studio still life prop for new photo series Ocean Drift

In the studio with still life series Inner Workings

Getting the printing just right

Howard Lewis is a New York based artist whose artwork explores the concepts of light, form and the perception of time.  Through his camera, Lewis strives to capture the dimensional qualities of form as rendered by light, illuminating the texture and age of each subject through the synthesis of photographic elements.

His completed series take form as either 2-dimensional photographic works on paper or 3-dimensional welded sculpture. While Lewis considers himself a lens-based artist first and foremost, his interest in creating three-dimensional work that relate to his Inner Workings photography series continues.

It was through the process of creating the photographs in his series Inner Workings (1999-2008) that Lewis was drawn to extend his study of form into three dimensions in order to create the forms that portray a sense of weight and the passage of time that he felt was not possible to be expressed through works on paper. Lewis considers these dimensional works a true compliment to the Inner Workings series.

Sculpture Leap, with #5 from the Inner Workings photographic series

Tango, 2011 Steel 21H x 18W x12D

Skyline, 2011 Steel 64H x 18W x 12D

SOLD – Slow Curves, 2010 Steel 29H x 11W x 22D

Time Weight, 2011 Steel 17H x 13W x 10D

The Inner Workings photographic series and my sculpture are inextricably linked. My interest and exploration of all things mechanical, the history of innovation and the passage of time as metal fatigues is created in these two and three dimensional works.

Selected Exhibitions



The Journey, juried by Susan Spiritus, NY Photo Curator, Honorable Mention

Art + Science, juried by Linda Alterwitz, A Smith Gallery, Johnson, Texas

Portals, juried by Ann Jastrab, A Smith Gallery, Johnson, Texas

Intentional Spaces, juried by Laura Moya, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont


Origami, The Traditional Art curated by Joanne Duke

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, Queensland, Australia

(photographs, solo exhibition)


Water Rain and Fog, curated by B.B. Winslow

Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art, Midland, Michigan

(photographs, group exhibition)


Light and Matter, curated by Kelsey Halliday Johnson

James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

(photographs, group exhibition)

2014 – 2017

Recent Works by Gallery Artists (a selection of Lewis metal sculptures), Courtyard Gallery, Mystic, Connecticut